Looking for a place to engaged in collaborate professional development, offer professional development opportunities to the state, and larger connection to the NACADA network? Please consider serving on the OHAAA Board for the upcoming year. Below are positions descriptions.  Elections for positions take place at the time of the annual conference. For details, please contact the current OHAAA President. 

The president presides over all association and executive board meetings and is generally responsible for overseeing all OHAAA events and activities. The president serves a three-year term as president-elect, president and past president. Term Length: 1 year. Total Term Length (President-Elect, President, Past President): 3-year term.

Past President
The president will continue to serve on the board for one year past the elected term to offer support and provide continuity to the newly elected officers. Term Length: 1 year. Total Term Length (President-Elect, President, Past President): 3-year term.

President Elect
The president-elect will assist the president in planning the annual conference and other duties as assigned, such as initiatives benefitting and developing OHAAA (i.e. Bylaws revisions; Unconference). Term Length: 1 year. Total Term Length (President-Elect, President, Past President): 3-year term.

The secretary shall take minutes and keep records of all meetings. This person is responsible for all OHAAA correspondence. Term Length: 2-year term

The treasurer shall be responsible for all OHAAA funds, including keeping a register of debits and credits to OHAAA and provide an annual report at the annual conference. The Treasurer shall also provide monthly reports to the E-Board showing income and expenses, with a current balance of all monetary accounts (e.g. Bank, PayPal). Term Length: 3-year term

Two Year Community/Technical College, Four Year Private College, and Four Year Public College Representatives
The representatives serve as liaisons to the advisors at their particular type of institution. They recruit new members, encourage renewal of members in their area, and promote OHAAA events and opportunities to their constituents. This person actively collaborates with the Member-at-Large and the Member Manager. Term Length: 2-year term

This person represents all members of OHAAA and all constituents. Duties may include assistance with events, recruitment, service for board projects, etc. Duties will be assigned by the President. Term Length: 2-year term

Member Manager
The Member Manager position will maintain accurate records of membership, including collection of dues, category of members, and status of members.  The Member Manager will work directly with the Treasurer for the deposit of funds.  The Member Manager will provide cumulative demographic data about members to the appropriate Representative to further grow membership.  The Member Manager will provide recommendations for policies, procedures and strategies to assure growth and vitality of membership. Term Length: 2-year term

Media Manager
The Media Manager position will maintain the OHAAA website, engage with various social media platforms for the promotion of OHAAA, and work closely with the other members of the executive board to insure timely, consistent, and accurate communication to the membership, as well as our non-member constituents. Term Length: 2-year term

Conference Chair
The conference chair is a person is employed by the institution hosting the annual conference for the upcoming year. This person will be the primary point of contact in planning and execution the conference by referring to guides and collaborating with the OHAAA board members, especially the President. Appointment Length: 1 year appointment.

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